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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Drops to $7,200

At press time, bitcoin has fallen by another $100, and is now trading for $7,200. The bears continue to control the market as the cryptocurrency arena has thus far lost over $150 billion from its May high. Recently, it was announced that the U.S. Justice Department was opening an investigation into the manipulation of cryptocurrency prices and illicit activities. Peter Tchir – a cryptocurrency analyst and Forbes contributor – says he …
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The US Justice Department Opens Investigation Into Crypto Price Manipulation

The US Department of Justice has launched an investigation into possible crypto price manipulation by crypto traders, reports Bloomberg. Quoting four people familiar with the situation, the report indicates that the DOJ’s prosecutors are working in partnership with the Commodity and Futures Trading Commission to probe the matter. The DOJ believes that digital currencies are highly susceptible to fraud, especially given the sector’s lack of regulation. Fake Orders And Spoofing The …
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Who is Spoofy, and How is He Manipulating Bitcoin’s Price?

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will agree that people manipulate the Bitcoin market. Even though Bitcoin should be all about a free market, the rich and wealthy -known as whales- are in a position to muck around with the price as they see fit. There are rumors circulating about an entity called “Spoofy”, who is -or are- manipulating the price of Bitcoin. Bitfinex and Tether got tangled in this story somehow as well. Meet …
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