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New PaySafeCard Ransomware Can’t Even Properly Encrypt Files

When people think about ransomware, they will automatically think of the evil cryptocurrencies. After all, currencies such as Bitcoin facilitate this illegal behavior, due to it being an anonymous payment method. Slowly but surely, however, consumers are realizing Bitcoin is not to blame for ransomware attacks. A new unnamed type of ransomware only accepts PaySafeCard payments. An intriguing turn of events, to say the least. PaySafeCard Ransomware Is Not Much …
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Ransomware Education – Reveton Never Asked For Bitcoin Payments

Throughout the years, there have been various versions of ransomware infecting computers all over the world. Both individual and enterprise users have been affected by these nasty pieces of software, which can wreak a fair bit of havoc. To most people, ransomware is automatically associated with Bitcoin, but this hacker trend started out before Bitcoin was even remotely attractive. One of the first pieces of ransomware to make a major …
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