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New MIT Research Hints At Tenfold Wi-Fi Speed Increase

The majority of people in the world with access to the Internet use either mobile data, or a Wi-Fi connection. Even though a hard-wired connection will increase speeds significantly, things have been evolving in the right direction. Most wireless connections are well capable of doing the tasks we need. But what if we could speed up wifi by as much as 1,000%? Improving Wi-fi Speeds Is Always A Good Thing …
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Deutsche Bank Is Not Planning To Abolish Cash in Favor Of Bitcoin

Even though there are rumours circulating regarding countries looking to steer away from using cash payments, the change will not be happening overnight. In fact, the CEO of Deutsche Bank mentioned how he feels cash will be around for at last another decade. Consumers can only hope the situation with cash payments improves by then, as the current financial ecosystem is not doing so well. Also read: New Bitcoin ATM …
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