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Why the Huge Slump Was Necessary for the Success of Cryptocurrency

Dark clouds have hovered over the cryptocurrency universe for most of this year. Having risen to record highs in the last few weeks of last year, it was widely expected that cryptocurrencies would maintain their market values and even rise higher. Many analysts went on TV shows and predicted that Bitcoin’s price would approach $50,000 by the end of the first quarter, and the market supported those predictions. Anything But Rosy However, the market …
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The Truth We Don’t Want to Hear

In the year 2017, cryptocurrencies truly made their mark. Going from a relatively unknown technology that only a few elite minds and nerds understood, cryptos became a household name in which everyone was interested. The number of Google searches for ‘What is Bitcoin’ quadrupled in the last month of the year as people sought to learn more about what this revolutionary technology was. Everyone was interested in the technology and the …
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