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Former OpenAI Employees Aim to Let Robots Learn on Their Own

There is plenty of competition in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence. At the same time, it is not uncommon for employees to move away from their companies and start their own businesses. A few researchers recently decided to leave a firm founded by Elon Musk and go into business for themselves. Their new company will focus on robotics of all kinds. Their first demo involves a robot doing …
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Elon Musk’s OpenAI Destroys Professional Dota 2 Player in 1v1 Game

Many artificial intelligence solutions absolutely demolished gamers in the past. The reigning Go champion will recall those games vividly. It now turns out video games are not safe from AI domination either. A new artificial intelligence solution designed by one of Elon Musk’s startups has defeated┬áthe world’s top Dota 2 players. The future of eSports may look very different in a few years’ time. Dota 2 Top Players Get Toppled …
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New OpenAI Algorithm Lets Robots Learn New Tasks by Observing Humans in Virtual Reality

Whenever something major happens in the world of space travel or artificial intelligence, rest assured it has something to do with Elon Musk. He backs a nonprofit research lab by the name of OpenAI, which has recently achieved a major milestone. A new algorithm has been created that allows humans to communicate a task to an AI by performing it in virtual reality. This is a major breakthrough for the …
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