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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Drops Another $200

Bitcoin has dropped another $200 from yesterday, and is now trading for about $9,300. This is a $500 drop from the currency’s recent high of $9,800, proving that it was unable to test the $10K line in what was its second attempt since mid-March. While it is disappointing to see such a drop take place, there is good news afoot that bitcoin is managing to withstand present resistance levels. The …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Spikes Beyond $9,000

It happened, folks! Bitcoin has broken $9,000! At press time, the currency is trading for just under $9,400 – a near $500 rise from yesterday’s high. Billionaire tech investor Tim Draper is referring to bitcoin as bigger than both the Internet and the Industrial Revolution, and with so many analysts predicting another massive breakout in the coming months, he may not be far off the mark. This is the first …
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