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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Hits $8,500

The price of bitcoin has shot up by roughly $300 in the last 24 hours, spiking from its previous $8,200 position. The news marks a massive turn away from the downward spiral bitcoin was enduring just over a week ago, when it’s price stood at a measly $6,600 – approximately 25 percent lower than where it currently sits. Naturally, the next move is for bitcoin to push past the $9,000 …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency is Staying Strong at $8,000

The bitcoin price has fallen by roughly $100, but this isn’t necessarily something to fear or a sign of another impending bear run. The currency has spiked by approximately $1,200 since mid-week, jumping from $6,900 to $8,100 in just under 48 hours, and a small drop in the records isn’t something to get one’s hat in a twist. At press time, most analysts are unanimous in their thoughts that bitcoin …
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