VR Casino OKO – An Innovative VR Online Casino

The inline casino industry needs a real VR Casino project that would be able to tackle the main deficiencies that it faces. Online casinos use a specific algorithm that determines the win or loss while betting, and the transparency of these systems is totally questionable. Another important issue that online casinos face is the lack of a software interface that would create a great atmosphere for the players. The passion …
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Here Are the Top 6 Sex-Themed Cryptocurrencies

Since the mid-2000’s, the sex industry has turned into one of the most profitable markets in the world. To put things into perspective, the porn industry currently rakes in a staggering US$97 billion annually, which is more money than the MLB, NBA, and NFL combined. Also, with the advent of the blockchain, the sex industry is now experiencing a makeover with many content creators now favoring a decentralized business model …
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18+ content on the blockchain: the OKOIN system launches ICO

The first platform in the world designed for the decentralized distribution of 18+ content in a VR format, OKOIN, is launching its ICO on December 14, 2017. The project’s primary goal is to create its own cryptocurrency, which allows users to buy adult content and services with 100% anonymity, without any limitations placed by legislators of any countries. At the core of the project lies the autonomous virtual reality headset …
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