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Virgin Galactic Chairman Correctly Predicted the oil Price Crash

It is evident that people who have opinions on Bitcoin may be slightly more knowledgeable about the financial markets in general.  Virgin Galactic Chairman and Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya is one of those individuals. There are many people who have opinions on the financial markets. Virgin Galactic Chairman Blasts Oil price Predictions Most of them hardly ever get any prediction right, but that is not entirely abnormal. Virgin Galactic …
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Stock Market Tanks Again While Bitcoin Trends Upward

Despite a rather positive outlook yesterday morning, the Chinese stock market was once again in a slum after a late sell-off frenzy yesterday. Due to a load of investors liquidating various assets, the stock market took another 6% plunge, marking a 14-month low. January has not been a good month for traditional finance so far, whereas Bitcoin has remained fairly stable and even made up some lost ground in the …
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