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Elon Musk Wants to Embed AI-on-a-Chip Into Every Human Brain

Whenever Elon Musk comes up with a new idea, the world usually becomes a lot quieter. Although some of his ideas seem outlandish, they may very well be realized at one point. One of his new ideas focuses on Neuralink. This concept has been met with a lot of criticism, primarily because it revolves around implanting chips in the human brain. The Neuralink Vision is Double-Sided Merging technology and the …
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One of Elon Musk’s Startups Is Building a Brain Computer

Elon Musk has built up quite a portfolio of companies and startups over the years. One of those business ventures is┬áNeuralink Corp., which┬áis now looking to fund the development of brain computers. To do so, the company is willing to part with up to US$100 million in stock. Creating a technological solution that merges human brains with computers sounds a lot scarier than it really is. Brain Computers and Elon …
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