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BTCLowen – Another Dodgy Site Claiming to Buy Bitcoin At Premium Rates

A few weeks ago, we briefly discussed a service called My Wallet Ltd., a UK-based company looking to buy all of your Bitcoin at a 10% above-the-market premium rate. While there remain a lot of uncertainties regarding the legality of this service and whether or not you should sell them your Bitcoins, a similar service called BTCLowen has popped up. BTCLowen – The Same Company as My Wallet Ltd.? The …
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My Wallet Ltd Buys Bitcoin Above Market Price

Have you always felt like you could’ve squeezed a tiny bit more money out of selling your Bitcoins to an exchange? Or maybe you have participated in a LocalBitcoins trade and you notice that the price agreed upon is lower than the current Bitcoin price? But what if there was an option to get 10% extra from the market value? My Wallet ¬†Ltd – Your Next Bitcoin Platform? The way …
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