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Amazon Echo a Potential Witness in a Murder Case

As our homes become smarter and smarter with IOT devices, new avenues open up to investigators when a crime occurs in a household. Webcams, cellphones, and power meters are all common devices which can collect important data that can be used by investigators when solving a crime. In an unprecedented case, Arkansas police obtained a warrant to examine any voice recordings that the Amazon Echo device could have stored during the night …
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New Showtime Documentary Claims John McAfee Killed At Least Two People

The world of technology was rather shocked when they found out that John McAfee was accused of murder. A documentary aired on the Showtime network created a lot of social media backlash. It is not the first time his name has comeup in a murder investigation, though. The camps are divided on what is true and what is fiction, but it makes for an interesting story, nonetheless. John McAfee Is …
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