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Tesla Plans to Build Cheaper Model 3 Cars in China

Due to the ongoing tension between the US and China, manufacturing of goods has come under a lot of pressure. While some companies start to crumble, others explore new opportunities. Tesla, for example, is looking to build cheaper Model 3 cars in China. An interesting decision given the current geopolitical climate, albeit a move that can be pretty promising for the company as a whole. Cheaper Tesla Model 3s are …
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Tesla’s Model 3 Is Here

Tesla has made a name for itself with its luxury electric vehicles capable of incredible things. These cars look sleek, are fully electric, are incredibly safe, and can even drive themselves. One historical issue with them is price. However, Tesla’s first affordable model, the Model 3, just rolled off the production line. High-end electric cars are now in the reach of the middle class. Increasingly Affordable Electric Cars One of Tesla’s …
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