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4 Key Misconceptions About Cryptocurrency

It’s impossible to ignore the global rise of cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin becoming a better investment than gold and global institutions such as the UN adopting Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s clear that crypto is here to stay. Despite its seeming inevitability, crypto remains mysterious to the average person. To many, the word “blockchain” is still gibberish. Lack of knowledge leads to misconceptions about the technology and lingering doubts about its value. During …
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5 Common Misconceptions About Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation is often seen as something it is not, as there are a lot of misconceptions that simply don’t want to go away. Sometimes, because some want to smear bitcoin, and often because others fail to do their homework properly. Here are a few common misconceptions about bitcoin that the average joe keeps on believing: 5. It’s all a big Ponzi scheme Ponzi schemes usually involve a central …
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