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Mexican Peso Weakens, Google Searches for Bitcoin Rise

Earlier this week, the Mexican peso rapidly declined in value to record lows, despite the efforts of the central bank of Mexico (Banxico) to prevent the devaluation of its national currency. Local publication El Economista confirmed that Banxico auctioned off US$4 billion dollars among Asian banks but the price of peso continued to plunge. Both overseas and local investors firmly believe the Mexican peso will struggle to recover. In January …
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Clinton Investigation Results Increase Value of US Dollar and Mexican Peso

If anyone ever needed more evidence that fiat currencies are closely tied to political news, look no further. Ever since the FBI cleared Hillary Clinton of her email investigation–for the second time–both the US Dollar and Mexican peso increased in value. Although a lot of people disagree with the FBI’s findings, this news reduces the chances of Trump becoming the next US President. US Dollar and Mexican Peso Appreciate After …
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Mexican Peso Appreciates In Value As Trump’s Presidential Election Goes Off The Rails

With the US Presidential campaigns in full effect, financial turmoil is becoming even more volatile worldwide. In a rather surprising turn of events, the Mexican peso is appreciating in value, even though Donald Trump wants to cut off all remittances to the country. A Good Run For The Mexican Peso It is always positive to see national currencies bounce back after reflecting economic hardship. For the Mexican peso, the past …
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