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Legal Status of Cryptocurrencies and Medical Marijuana And How They Overlap

Cryptocurrencies, over the past few years – have risen to prominence in the world of finance and technology. This FinTech revolution has now become mainstream, especially with 2017 being a landmark, breakout year for cryptocurrencies. In a year where names such as Ripple and Ethereum boomed by 36,000% and 9,000% respectively, a larger number of people are now aware about cryptocurrencies than ever before. However, this has forced many governments …
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America’s Weed Market To Develop a Cloud-based Tracking System Based on a SICPA’s Model

As legal states for medical and recreational marijuana continue to expand across the United States, with more having just been added in time for the election, the regulatory regimes overseeing the production and sale of pot are getting more sophisticated and more thorough. Humboldt County, for example, is a section of California that legalized weed with the rest of the state and is currently operating a pilot program to “track …
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