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Bitcoin Markets Under Heavy Turbulence As Price Rocks Closer To $200

Bitcoin prices edge closer and closer to suport levels of $200 once again amid fears of Chinese manipulation attempts on a already turbulent market. Bitcoin prices have been moving from over $300 to under $220 in a matter of days highlighting just how wild Bitcoin is. Currently in a near unpredictable state many analysts are considering whether a trend reversal is possible but as far as predictions go they remain …
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Bitcoin Bull Run Due For January According To Analysts

Bitcoin markets are as volatile as ever with prices slipping sub $300 some days and peaking over $320 on others. With the prices casually slipping reducing the bitcoins value bit by bit many have lost faith speculating a complete crash to hit the Bitcoin. Whilst it may be true that the bitcoin markets are currenct bearish, the future holds much to be desired in terms of bitcoin. Many speculate a …
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