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Freshcoin – setting the bar in cryptocurrency

What is it? Freshcoin is a brand new cryptocurrency which was launched on 7/7/2014 18:00 GMT. It features a brand new algorithm called FRESH, uses on POW to confirm transactions, and a new difficulty adjustment algorithm – Slingshield.   The Algorithm – FRESH What is FRESH? It is a new algorithm which combines SHAVITE, SIMD & ECHO which are the  3 most energy efficient hashing algorithms.  The result is an …
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Litecoin is pumping

The current litecoin pump is happening on OKcoin. It started on July 5th as you can see from the chart below taken from bitcoinwisdom   As we can see there is a pattern with the buy volume for OKCoin. It looks like it is happening in the hours that china is awake. So if the pattern continues we should see litecoin on the rise, but will it happen? Litecoins has …
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