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Reasons Why a Work Mac Computer is Slow and How to Speed it Up

Sooner or later that trusty Mac that you rely on for work is bound to slow down. Rather than letting it affect your productivity (or having to replace it with a new one), don’t you think it would be great if you could do something about it and speed it up? To start learning how to make a Mac faster, you should first identify what is slowing it down. Although …
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Apple’s macOS Sierra update has been switched to Automatic, Offers Instructions for Users Who Don’t Want It

Apple has made its latest update, macOS Sierra, automatic on all Mac machines that are compatible. Users who have automatic updates on and have enough memory will get the update sometime this week. Apple said that updates will start today and are chosen at random. It is, however, Apple’s latest full-fledged release, so it won’t actually install itself. Users will still have to initiate the download by themselves. If for …
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