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Regulatory Pressure Forced BitLendingClub Out of Business

The somewhat popular P2P bitcoin loan service BitLendingClub has been forced to close up shop due to alleged “regularity pressures”. The platform will remain in a state of limited functionality while existent loans are repaid or written off.  BitLendingClub, a Bitcoin/Blockchain startup launched in 2014 as a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, has been forced to shut down due to regulatory pressures. The company sent an email to its customers on Wednesday …
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Bitcon P2P Lending Platform Loanbase Hacked

Loanbase, a Bitcoin P2P lending platform formerly known as BitLendingClub, has sent a security bulletin to all its customers informing them that a breach has taken place in the early morning hours on the 6th of February. According to the update, the total amount of funds stolen was 8 BTC. Security staff from Loan base estimate that the login details of four customer accounts were compromised. “We detected that the …
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LoanBase Looses 8 Bitcoin Due To Data Breach

Bitcoin lending platforms provide a viable alternative for entrepreneurs and companies looking to secure a tiny bit of extra money to cover certain expenses. The main goal of these services to provide loans to people all over the world, as Bitcoin is a universal form of transferring value. But some companies are being targeted by hackers, and Loanbase lost roughly 8 BTC in customer funds due to a breach. Also …
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