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What Is the Jibrel Network?

Ever since the launch of Bitcoin back in 2009, blockchain technology has started to transform various aspects of our everyday lives. Through the use of this technology, we are able to streamline transactions in a completely decentralized way, thereby allowing for maximum transparency. However, the use of crypto is still heavily restricted by issues related to usability and geography. Additionally, there also exist various systemic risks due to bottlenecks that …
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The World’s First Blockchain Platform for Tokenized Self-Regulating Traditional Financial Assets

Jibrel Network focuses on bridging the gap between the crypto-economy and traditional financial infrastructure, enabling investors and users to store, send, receive and exchange assets for almost zero fees Jibrel Network, one of the earliest Blockchain-technology startups, has just launched their token sale that will remain open to investors until 26 January 2018. The first decentralized platform to tokenize traditional financial assets such as currencies, bonds, equities and commodities on …
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