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Unknown Russian ISP Rerouted Internet Traffic for Major US Companies

Every now and then, something unusual happens on the internet which no one can explain. Earlier this week, a lot of web traffic destined for major sites and platforms was routed through Russian servers for some unknown reason. This did not affect users directly, as they were still able to access the information requested. However, it seems something went wrong with the Border Gateway Protocol, and no one knows for …
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Russia’s Rostelecom Briefly Had Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Financial Internet Traffic

It’s never good to learn a telecom operator successfully hijacked internet traffic. The situation only gets worse when we learn financial services were targeted by this Russian-controlled telecom. Among the companies affected are Visa, MasterCard, and several other dozen financial service providers. It appears this was an error on the telecom operator’s side. An Error or Malicious Intent? That is the main question on everybody’s mind right now. On paper, …
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