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ICO investing established as the new authority in 2018 – Hyperion fund poised to capture further growth

In 2017, the team at Invictus Capital launched one of the top 25 ICOs of all time with CRYPTO20, the world’s first tokenized crypto index fund. Now, in their second ICO, the team has already raised over 11 million USD to create the Invictus Hyperion Fund. The sale of IHF tokens will continue until May 30th, provided the 15 million USD hard cap is not reached before then. If there …
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Hyperion: Supporting Blockchain Entrepreneurs

On the back of the break-out year for ICOs in 2017, in which $5.6 bn was raised, 2018 has already proven that the ICO is not a fad — funds raised through ICOs by the end of April have already exceeded $6.3bn. After the resounding success of ICOs in 2017, Invictus Capital expects to see an increase in projects focused on leveraging the unique attributes of blockchain technology towards industry-specific sectors and …
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