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Harnessing Blockchain Technology To Create DIY Governance 2.0

In the world of Bitcoin and digital currencies, we need far more collaboration from all involved parties in order to gain more mainstream attention and adoption. While we have seen several partnerships being created as of late, the most significant to date might be the one between Bitnation, the Blocknet and Horizon. The power of the blockchain is vastly underestimated by traditional institutions around the world, as they feel that …
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Bitcoin is Leading The Disruption of Financial Services Industry

According to a new research report titled ‘Horizon Scan: ICT and the Future of Financial Services‘, the potential for industrial disruption within the financial services industry is increasing as new entrants use digital technologies to enter adjacent markets through payment schemes. As a result, it explores the implications and provides an in-depth understanding of the emerging ‘Networked Society.’ The rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies is an indication of the early stages of the …
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