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Russian Billionaire Will Not Undergo Head Transplant After All

The concept of a human head transplant still sounds very strange to a lot of people. It has never been successfully done before and sounds more like science fiction than real life. Sergio Canavero is the surgeon set to perform this operation later this year. However, the original patient for the surgery has been replaced by someone else. This does not mean the transplant will be delayed. Russian Billionaire Will Not Be …
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World’s First Head Transplant Patient to Undergo Virtual Reality Training Before Procedure

Although most people still think the concept of a head transplant is entirely impossible, the truth is very different. The person responsible for carrying out this transplant is also the one who developed a virtual reality system to prepare patients for their new body. An interesting take on things. as it goes to show VR technology has quite some intriguing use cases most people would not think of at first. …
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