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Google Pixel AR Playmoji Ad Grabs Headlines During 2019 Grammy Awards

Google has successfully captured a lot of headlines during the 2019 Grammy awards. The advertisement aired by the technology giant got people talking on social media. A new Playmoji – formerly known AR Stickers – pack has been showcased during the ceremony. This feature is also exclusive to Google’s Pixel line of smartphones, which can bring a lot more attention to this range of devices. Google Snatches its own Grammy …
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Google’s First Phone – The Pixel

Google chose to break their tradition of outsourcing production of their phones (the Nexus series) and make arguably the best cell phone on the market in house. The Google Pixel is a phenomenal phone that I would suggest to anyone looking for a new device and can foot the bill (after taxes this phone is about $750). Though I do enjoy the technical and software aspects of this phone, my …
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