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Russian Scientist Aims to put Gene-Edited Embryos in HIV-Positive Mothers

Not a day goes by in the medical world without some new discoveries or developments. In Russia, one scientist claims he will produce gene-edited children. As horrific as that may sound, he would not be the first individual to explore this option. Given the overall negative stance toward gene editing and CRISPR, this controversial research will spark some intriguing debates. Gene-edited Babies on Demand? While there may very well be …
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Chinese Scientists “Roll Back” Human Embryo DNA to Remove Genetic Diseases

In life, there are certain topics most people would rather avoid discussing. When it comes to performing surgery on human embryos, a lot of people would rather not give it a second thought. However, Chinese researchers may have found a way to remove diseases before a person is even properly born. It is a major breakthrough in the world of healthcare, although additional research is still needed. Chemical Surgery on Human Embryos …
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Scientists Conduct Gene Editing Experiment to Potentially Cure HIV

Over the past few weeks, we have seen quite a few interesting medical breakthroughs. It now appears scientists have successfully eliminated the HIV DNA in live mice by using a method known as gene editing. While wildly successful, these news are met with a fair bit of criticism. Despite the opposition, the scientists aim to trial this method on primates moving forward. Gene Editing Is A Pandora’s Box On paper, …
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