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Federal Reserve Interest Hike Seems Improbable After GDP Expectation Adjustment

In the financial sector a lot of experts are focusing their attention on what the Federal Reserve plans to do. Although quite a few people expect another interest rate hike, that seems less and less likely every week. Earlier today the Fed lowered their quarterly GDP outlook for the US for the remainder of the year. An increase in interest rates will probably have to wait until 2017, at the …
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Deutsche Bank Researchers Deem A Stock Market Collapse Necessary To Boost Economy

Fixing the global economy is a massive task, and no one seems to have a solution for this problem. Deutsche Bank’s fixed-income research team feels the only solution is to collapse the stock market in its entirety. A rather bold statement, but the average Bitcoin user will not be surprised by this declaration. What if The Stock Market Were To Collapse? To put things into perspective, things have hardly ever …
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