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The Credit Card Turns Fifty Years Old And Is Still Insecure

Today marks an exciting day in the history of payment methods. Barclaycard is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the first credit card. Albeit this form of payment has become quite successful throughout the years, very little has changed. Despite best efforts, it is still one of the most insecure payment methods to grace our planet. Celebrating Fifty Years of Bank Slavery The credit card concept started with Barclaycard launching this …
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Visa Developer API Provides Features Bitcoin Has Had For Years

In this day and age, consumers are starting to realize how little control they have over their money and spending habits. Particularly when credit and debit cards are concerned, costs can add up quickly, leading to consumer debt and affected credit ratings. Visa wants to change that, by opening up their API to users and give them slightly more financial control. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has been giving consumers …
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Bitcoin Users Need To Stop Trusting Exchange Wallets

If there is one major thing the recent Cryptsy issues have taught us, it is how users should never store funds on an exchange platform for too long. This is not just true for the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, but also for any financial platform in existence. The main difference is how Bitcoin stimulates users to take control of their finances by keeping funds in self-controlled wallets, whereas …
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