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The Top 6 Questions Your Family Will Ask You About Crypto This Holiday

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ recent meteoric rise (and subsequent retracement) has gotten the attention of many. People who had never heard of Bitcoin before or had previously disregarded it are interested and asking questions. Unfortunately for you, some of those people are likely going to be your family members at holiday gatherings, and most of them probably still have no idea what they are actually asking. These are the questions you may …
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Most Frequent Cryptocurrency Beginner Questions – Part 2

This is a continuation of the most frequent questions I am asked by friends, colleagues, and family as I try to teach them more about cryptocurrency’s exciting new role in our world. The previous article has already covered the basics from legitimacy to acquisition, I wanted to focus on the questions I get asked after newcomers have gotten some coin. “This is great! But where can I even spend these?” …
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