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What Is Trust Wallet?

It seems there is a growing demand for cryptocurrency wallets which support both ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. With the ERC223 token standard starting to gain traction, wallet providers will need to start paying close attention to it moving forward. Trust Wallet positions itself as the go-to solution for these particular tokens, and it seems other service providers will follow its example in the future. Trust Wallet in a Nutshell It is evident that …
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What is the ERC223 Token Standard?

Ethereum developers are working on various improvements to bring the ecosystem back to a reliable state. One of the potential upcoming changes is known as ERC223. It is a slightly different Ethereum-based token standard compared to ERC20 and aims to solve issues the ERC20 standard has unwittingly introduced. The bigger question is how many existing tokens will be redeployed using ERC223 in the future. What is ERC223 Trying to fix …
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