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New Vehicles in Norway Are Now 50% Electric, Favored over Gasoline Cars

The market share of electric cars, which was only a fraction of that of gasoline cars a few years ago, has reached 50 percent in Norway. Over the past 12 months, an identical number of electric vehicles as gasoline cars have been manufactured in Norway, demonstrating the country’s exponential adoption of electric cars. Electric Cars Favored Over Gasoline Cars In Norway, a liter of gasoline costs around $2, a rate that …
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Electric Vehicles With “Dirty Electricity” Still Emit Less CO2 Than Diesel Engines

Although the general public may not be sold on the concept of electric vehicles just yet, there are many advantages to this technology in its current form. Not only will it help alleviate traffic congestion, it will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. A new study shows that these vehicles emit less CO2 over their lifetimes compared to diesel engines, regardless of which form of electricity is used. Dirty Electricity Works Just Fine for Electric …
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Volvo Will Shift its Focus From Diesel Engines to Electric Cars

With so many companies focusing on electric vehicles right now, it is only a matter of time until this development affects regular car development. Volvo is one of the few companies openly stating they will no longer focus on diesel engines once the current generation has been completely developed. Moving forward, the company will solely focus its attention on electric vehicles. Volvo Goes All-in on Electric Vehicles It is quite …
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