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What Is Descrow?

There are a lot of exciting projects in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency to take note of. Descrow is one of those concepts which will certainly be of interest to a lot of people. As its name suggests, the company is all about offering decentralized escrow services. It is certainly true that there are a lot of trust issues when it comes to using cryptocurrencies and other financial assets these …
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Descrow Platform for Secure Crowdfunding is Launching an ICO Campaign

Investing in ICO-campaigns is an extremely exciting adventure. Meanwhile, as a result of the insane success of most ICO’s, scammers are crowding the market, and creating scam coins in hundreds. Blockchain is a unique technology that may give birth to many new multi-billion dollar companies. However it can’t insure investors against scam and fraud. Descrow is the  first in the world platform for secure crowdfunding with the inbuilt mechanism of …
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