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Top 4 Decentralized Exchange Solutions to Keep an Eye On

A lot of things are changing in the world of cryptocurrency. As of right now, we’re seeing a growing interest in decentralized exchanges. That is not entirely surprising, as centralized trading platforms have always been cumbersome to deal with. Below are some of the decentralized exchanges worth keeping an eye on. 4. EtherDelta Although most people are very familiar with EtherDelta, the platform itself – in its current form – is …
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What Is Switcheo Cryptocurrency?

A lot of cryptocurrencies are undergoing change right now. We’ve seen a stronger focus on decentralized exchanges, which will remove the need to deal with centralized entities altogether. Switcheo Network is one of those projects which can make a rather large impact moving forward. The Concept of Switcheo As one would expect, Switcheo was built on top of the NEO platform. This new approach to creating decentralized trading solutions will certainly attract a …
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