Tag: Decentralized Trading

What Is the MARKET Protocol?

There are many different trading-related protocols under development in the cryptocurrency world. MARKET Protocol is trying to make a name for itself in this regard, although doing so will not be easy. What makes this concept so interesting is how it provides secure and flexible trading of any asset on the Ethereum blockchain. This includes real-world goods as well as commodities. The Idea Behind MARKET Protocol In the cryptocurrency world, most …
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What Is AirSwap Cryptocurrency?

Interesting things are happening in the world of cryptocurrency at all times. AirSwap is a rather interesting project which aims to grow to become a global token marketplace. As of right now, the project is currently in private beta, yet it will have a positive impact on the overall trading of Ethereum tokens. What is AirSwap all about? There are quite a few reasons why AirSwap is worth keeping an eye …
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