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What is Proof-of-Capacity?

We have discussed various types of cryptocurrency generation algorithms in the past. The most popular types are proof-of-work and proof-of-stake. Interestingly enough, there is also a feature known as proof-of-capacity, which is quite a novel principle. It allows users to effectively “mine” cryptocurrency based on their available hard drive space. Proof-of-Capacity is a Different Breed of Earning Cryptocurrency When it comes to generating specific cryptocoins, there are some specific requirements …
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Scientists are One Step Closer to Storing Data in DNA Strains

The way we think about storing data onto a physical medium may change a lot sooner than people anticipate. Scientists have attempted to create hard drive solutions out of DNA. To be more precise, they have successfully written data into DNA standards and retrieved the information with issues or errors. Quite an intriguing development, but what could be the wider implications of exploring this technology? Can We Make Hard Drives …
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After Banning Several Bitcoin Sites, Russia Now Blacklists LinkedIn

The Russian government has made a fair few unusual decisions in recent years. Several websites and platforms have been blocked by ISPs, with some decisions eventually overturned by local courts. LinkedIn is the latest victim of the Country‚Äôs communications regulator’s whims, as the social network is now blacklisted. Apparently, the Company does not meet personal data storage regulations. No More LinkedIn Access In Russia LinkedIn is known as a social …
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