DARPA Taps AI to Link Troops and Military Machines via Their Brain

It remains to be determined how artificial intelligence will affect our society as a whole. The wildest theories have been making the rounds in that regard. One major point of concern is the increasing automation of weaponry. It now seems the Pentagon is looking to let humans control machines through their brain waves. Using AI for Machine Control Every time any military force gets involved in potentially groundbreaking technological research, …
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DARPA Invests $100M in Genetic Extinction Technologies

When technology and science come together, interesting and scary things are bound to happen sooner or later. A US military agency is looking at ways to invest in genetic extinction technologies. Rather than using said technology against humans, however, the goal is to wipe out species of animals notorious for carrying diseases. It is an interesting train of thought that will send some shockwaves throughout the industry. Genetic Extinction Technologies are of great Interest …
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DARPA Contributes US$65m Toward Development of Next-level Brain Implants

The US military focuses  a lot of its attention on a new brand of technology. Brain implants have always been of keen interest to military organizations all around the world. However, the goal is not to make super soldiers, but rather to treat blindness and deafness. This is an incredibly noble cause and will help improve the quality of life for both veterans and civilians alike. US Military Banks on Brain …
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