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Top 5 Hottest Cryptocurrencies Right Now

The world of cryptocurrency is full of dozens upon dozens of altcoins all fighting for their market share. Due to the overwhelming amount of coins on the market its hard to decide which coins are worth looking into and which coins are simply scams. Today we feature the top 5 hottest cryptocurrencies on the market RIGHT NOW. #5 Tether Launched in late 2014 Tether is a cryptocurrency whose main focus …
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Navajocoin – State of the art anonymous network now in beta testing

Navajocoin is a proof of stake cryptocurrency launched in July of 2014. It uses POS to mine blocks which means it is more environmentally friendly because there is no need for huge mining farms endlessly hashing and wasting electricity. Navajocoin features a state of the art anonymous system featuring subchains and a decentralized network with anonymizing nodes. The Anon Technology There are different implementations of an anon transaction technologies between …
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DarkCoin Team Discuss The Future Of Coin In Exclusive Interview

DarkCoin is a coin shrouded in technology and mystery. One of the first coins ever developed in the histry of crypto, the coin has amassed huge popularity among followers. Not to mention the great market activity surrounding the coin which has lead to stability and steady growth benefiting many of its users. On an short interview with the DarkCoin lead dev, Evan Duffield i gained a in depth insight into the …
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