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Russian Central Bank Loses US$31m In Cyber Heist

The Russian Central Bank had some sad news to report, as they have been the victim of a cyber heist. To be more precise, a total of over 2 billion rubles – worth US$31m – has been stolen during the attack. Thankfully, the theft was not entirely successful as criminals initially tried to steal over twice that amount. Major Russian Central Bank Heist Confirmed It is not the first, nor …
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Tesco Bank Refunds £2.5m In Stolen Funds To Its Customers

More and more details are becoming available related to the Tesco Bank hack a few days ago. With thousands of customers affected, it became apparent that this is not a run-of-the-mill cyber heist. Statistics indicate that over £2.5m has been returned to Tesco bank users, as the amount of stolen funds was far higher than originally anticipated. A Big Step Back For Tesco Bank And Customers Even though this bank …
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