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Researchers Explore Viability of Growing Crops Underneath Solar Panels

A new biotechnological revolution dawns upon society. Harvesting crops may be about so much more than just doing that in the near future. A new study shows it is, in theory, possible to harvest sunshine with regular crops. This will allow farmers to make full use of scarce land and result in additional income. A very interesting approach, albeit the feasibility of this venture has yet to be determined. Agrovoltaics …
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Tarzan is a Wire-Swinging Robot Designed to Help Farmers Monitor the Growth of Crops

Robots come in many different shapes and sizes these days. Whereas most people are concerned over how robots will take their jobs, scientists are trying to use technology so they can gain a better understanding of natural animal habitats. Tarzan is a new robot that can swing through the trees, even though it moves like a sloth. Meet Tarzan The Robot It has to be said, the name Tarzan is …
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New Supercomputer To Predict India Monsoon Will Increase Yield By 15%

Supercomputers can be used for a wide variety of purposes, although the use cases are not always as clear to most people. Over in India, however, they have created a genuine use case for supercomputers, as engineers are building a supercomputer that can predict future monsoons. Monsoons Are Important To India Unlike most other countries around the world, India has a booming agricultural industry. In fact, the industry is so …
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