Russian Scientist Aims to put Gene-Edited Embryos in HIV-Positive Mothers

Not a day goes by in the medical world without some new discoveries or developments. In Russia, one scientist claims he will produce gene-edited children. As horrific as that may sound, he would not be the first individual to explore this option. Given the overall negative stance toward gene editing and CRISPR, this controversial research will spark some intriguing debates. Gene-edited Babies on Demand? While there may very well be …
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Californian Biohacker Faces DCA Investigation Over CRISPR Injection

Some individuals on this planet happily look forward to merging a human boy with electronics. Known as biohacking, the trend is still very niche in 2019. However, one self-experimenting biohacker is currently under investigation. Injecting CRISPR into his own body to enhance muscle growth raises a lot of questions, for obvious reasons. Californian Health Officials Investigate Biohacker On paper, there is no law which prevents anyone from performing biohacking methods …
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This DIY Kit Lets Anyone Modify DNA

The concept of modifying DNA – human or otherwise – has always been met with a lot of resistance. No one should be allowed to play God in the minds of many people. It now turns out there is a DIY kit known as CRISPR-Cas9 which can be bought online. While┬áit may not sound appealing, this type of kit can be used to modify any DNA one needs to from …
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