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Coinffeine Brings Bitcoin And Mobile Payments Together

One of the areas where Bitcoin could make a serious splash is in the world of mobile payments. Feature phone and smartphone sales numbers are on the rise year after year, especially in emerging markets such as South America and Africa. However, sending money over SMS remains a tricky challenge, and Bitcoin could be the perfect technology to overcome those barriers. Mobile Payments : Booming Business Coinffeine is one interesting …
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Coinffeine – Decentralized Trading Algorithm

The Problem Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are well known to be decentralized technologies. That means that the processing power of the network is spread across multiple points which reduces the chance of failure, security breaches, and obviously centralization. However, in this sea of decentralization there are centralized services which are powered by the distributed cryptocurrencies. One of such are exchanges. They are in essence centralized islands in a sea of …
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