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The Current State of top Bitcoin Mining Pools Following the 2020 Halving

Following the recent block reward halving, many people expected the Bitcoin network hashrate to drop off significantly. That has not happened as of yet, although some changes can be noted when looking at rankings of the mining pools.  Statistics provided by BTC.com confirm that the Bitcoin mining landscape has undergone some changes in the past year. Bitcoin Mining Pools in Early 2020 Several pools keep vying for traction, yet it …
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Nearly 3 Million Bitcoin Addresses Hold at Least 0.1 BTC

Statistics play a crucial role in any industry, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. Looking at the number of unique addresses holding at least 0.1 BTC in their balance, it seems as if the ongoing growth cannot be denied.  Bitcoin is, for all intents and purposes, designed to be a very scarce asset. More Addresses Holding a Part of a Bitcoin As such, it is crucial to have a distribution that …
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This Individual Recovered an old Laptop Containing Over 530 Bitcoin

Over the past few years, many Bitcoins have been lost forever due to people throwing away old hard drives or entire computers. One Redditor managed to bring back an old laptop to life, and it holds a Bitcoin wallet containing 533 BTC.  Many people have forgotten that they ever owed any Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. Recovering Over $5 Million in Bitcoin As a result, a portion of the limited supply …
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