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Boston Dynamics Will Commercialize its “Robot Dog” Spot This Year

Boston Dynamics has become somewhat of a household name over the past few years. This is primarily due to the company’s advancements in the world of robotics. Numerous videos of its products and changes have put a smile on faces. It now appears the company is looking to commercialize one of these creations, as Spot is ready for mainstream adoption. Commercialized Robots are Coming While not everyone has high hopes …
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Google Sells Large Parts of its Robotics Division to SoftBank

Boston Dynamics has been quite the successful company over the past few years. Ever since Google bought the company, Boston Dynamics has made great advances in the world of robotics. That partnership has come to an end, though, as Google sold the company to SoftBank. It is unclear what this means for Google’s robotics plans, though. SoftBank Wants to Build More Robots Now? It is quite unusual to think of …
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Handle is Boston Dynamic’s new Awesome and Scary Robot

Not too long ago, we touched upon Google’s advancements in the world of robotics. As it turns out, the company has not been sitting idle, as an updated version of their Handle robot has been introduced. Some people may see this as the scariest robot in the world today, although it quite an impressive feat of human engineering. Handle features both arms and wheels, and is capable of doing many …
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