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Boeing Will Test a Self-Driving Nose Wheel for Its 737NG Airliner

There is never a boring day in the world of technology. With such an increased focus on self-driving vehicles and related technologies, it is only a matter of time until some major developments come to market. One of theseĀ innovations is known asĀ a self-driving nose wheel. It will help address delays between the time at which a plane’s door closes and when the aircraft pulls away. For now, this initiative will …
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Boeing Sponsors Global Contest in Search of Consumer-Grade Jetpack Technology

Jetpacks are often considered to be a thing of the future. In fact, we may never see consumer-grade jetpacks in our lifetime. Boeing certainly thinks there are people out there right now who are capable of building such devices with current technology and materials. In this regard, it’s not entirely surprising to see the company offer US$2 million to anyone building a functional jetpack. That’s a very different take on …
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