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Poorly generated addresses cause Blockchain.info customer’s BTC loss

What happened? Blockchain.info seems to be under much heat lately from all the recent attacks. Ranging from https redirection by rogue Tor nodes to phishing attempts.  During a scheduled update by the blockchain.info team an issue was present between 12:00am and 2:30am GMT on 12/8/14. According to the official blockchainwallet reddit account: If you created a wallet, generated a new address via Blockchain.info’s web-wallet, or sent bitcoin from your wallet during …
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Top sponsored ad on Google is a Bitcoin phishing site

What happened This is a reminder to you all to be careful how you store your Bitcoins. The following story is taken from reddit, where someone who started accepting Bitcoins for his services was wiped clean of his coins after a simple phishing site got his credentials for the wallet. The phishing website imitated Blockchain.info which is a popular Bitcoin wallet site. The site showed itself on the front page of …
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