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New Malware Attacks iOS and BlackBerry Backups Stored On Computers

Malware will always remain a major threat to the mobile ecosystem as we know it. A newly discovered type of malware targets iOS and BlackBerry backups, or to be more precise; it will target computers hosting a backup of mobile devices. In most cases, these backups do not contain the latest security updates, making them vulnerable to exploiting. Also read: M-Pesa Brings Mobile Financial Services To Ghana The Mobile “Backstab” …
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Can Bitcoin Benefit From BlackBerry’s Mobile Payment Success In Nigeria?

Nigeria is one of those countries that seems to be getting a lot of attention from FinTech companies simply because there are very little financial services present to speak of in the country. While various Bitcoin companies are trying to gain a foothold in the market, BlackBerry will be bringing the BMM Mobile payments to Nigeria. Also read: You Can Lower Your Bitcoin ATM Fees BlackBerry Targets Mobile Money Market …
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BlackBerry Exits Pakistan Over Privacy Demands – Blockchain Technology Can Help

Times are troubling for BlackBerry, as the once popular smartphone manufacturer looks to be pulling out of Pakistan next year. The reason behind this drastic decision is clear as day: the Pakistani government wants the manufacturer to install backdoors in their BlackBerry Enterprise Service emails and BBM chats. The war raging against technology and privacy is in full effect, at a time during which transparency and openness are needed. Also read: Swatch …
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