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Current Bitcoin Trend 11/25/14

Bitcoin’s recent uptrend started 4 days ago  and shows no signs of stopping. How long will it last? How high will it climb?   Bitcoin Black Friday One theory as to why Bitcoin’s price might be rising might relate to the upcoming of bitcoin black friday. If you haven’t heard of it, Bitcoin black friday is when a number of merchants will offer unique items for cheap prices. Black friday …
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Why Bitcoin will not go to $1000

Why? Don’t get me wrong I want Bitcoin to go into the $10,000 but we need to be realistic. What really caused the first bubble in december that took Bitcoin to $1000?  According to Coindesk: There is more speculation today that bitcoin’s November 2013 surge and Mt. Gox’s trading volume’s were built in part on fraudulent trading activity To summarize the story about the MtGox Bot, it simply pumped the …
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