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999dice – SCAM exposed

What is 999dice? 999dice is a bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin gambling website. They offer a simple dice betting game inspired by just-dice. 999dice claims to have a 0.1% house edge a whole 10 times lower than the 1% house edge of just-dice. If you are confused as to what a house edge is, it is built into the payouts. With a 1% house edge when you play the 50% game and win, …
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btc-plaza – a scam exposed

What is it? btc-plaza is a simple Bitcoin exchange. They offer BTC/USD, LTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and LTC/EUR. They proudly say that they are a great digital exchange.     The site is well built and looks legit, the way you can deposit/withdraw funds with either by Skrill, Bank, PayPal, or OKPay. The Scam As of 6/23/14 People on reddit have reported that coins were sent to their Bitcoin address and the funds …
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