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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Drops to $7,200

At press time, bitcoin has fallen by another $100, and is now trading for $7,200. The bears continue to control the market as the cryptocurrency arena has thus far lost over $150 billion from its May high. Recently, it was announced that the U.S. Justice Department was opening an investigation into the manipulation of cryptocurrency prices and illicit activities. Peter Tchir – a cryptocurrency analyst and Forbes contributor – says he …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Tanks to $7,600

Bitcoin has lost over $600 in just one night. The currency is now trading for just over $7,600 – the lowest it’s been in about 35 days. This marks a serious drop over the last two weeks. Just two weekends ago, the currency was trading for about $9,800 – the highest it had been in four weeks. As bitcoin was expected to spike to $10,000, many traders and investors alike …
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